How does the bidding process work? 

  1. Seamstresses and tailors will privately message you with their price.

  2. You can then go to their profiles to check out the clothes that they have made. 

  3. Then you choose who you want to work with! 

Who pays for shipping? 

The cost of shipping will be factored into the bidding prices made by the seamstresses and tailors. 

How do I measure myself? 

We have the technology that can use any camera phone that scans your body and produces accurate body measurements. You only have to take two photos of yourself, one front photo and one side photo on any background. 

How does Vanth's return policy work?

If the product differs greatly in quality from the photo or what the user and seamstress/tailor agreed on and/or the product produced has inaccurate measurements, users will get a full refund.  Users will need to pay for return shipping. Vanth will share a part of the losses with the seamstresses and fashion designers. 

What percentage does Vanth charge for seamstresses and tailors? 

The service is completely free for seamstresses and tailors. We are here to support and grow seamstresses’ and tailors’ small businesses.