Our Mission


Vanth was founded by a group of socially-conscious minded people dedicated to bettering humanity. Our mission is to eradicate sweatshops and empower low-wage garment workers in the fight for social and economic justice. You too can be a part of this mission! 


Who is Vanth?

Vanth is an Etruscan winged goddess who fell into obscurity when the Etruscans were conquered by the Romans in the 4th century BC. While Vanth's counterpart Charon, the ferryman of Hades, was carried over to Roman mythology, Vanth was not. Just like Vanth who was neglected, garment workers who work behind the scenes to make all our clothing are often ignored, neglected and unappreciated. We’re bringing garment workers back to the forefront by providing seamstresses and tailors from all over the world a platform to connect directly with users and showcase their skills and talent.    


Vanth's Initiatives

Our initiatives for the future include donating sewing machines to talented seamstresses and tailors around the world. Other initiatives include setting up design schools to encourage art and creativity in future generations.